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Artistic Rug Care offers in home cleaning solutions for upholstery. After the premium care. We offer our finest WoolSafe Fiber ProTector which comes with our service agreement. 

Artistic Rug Care

 13920 SW US-54 Andover, KS 67002 

13920 US-54 Andover, KS 67002

​​​​We Clean 

 Large Rugs ​​ ​​

Wichita Oriental Rug Cleaning

All rugs have a story and it's our responsibility to safely continue the provenance of your fine loving textiles! Since 2004, Artistic Rug Care has offered carpet cleaning solutions for every rug. Whether it's a hand knotted, woven, tufted or machine made fine textile. We service the Wichita greater area.

Our professional area rug cleaning facility is located at 13920 SW US-54 Andover, KS 67002, which is two miles east of Kellogg & Andover Road on the north side of US-54. At the corner of Meadowlark Road & US-54 adjacent to All Storage of Andover. Just call us at 316-681-8000 to discuss your area rug cleaning issues. If you would like to bring us your rug to our Andover location please call us and arrange an appointment. When arriving, we will take care of all the heavy lifting and valet your rug into our inspection room.

We also offer a FREE pick up & drop off service for the following areas: Wichita, Andover, Augusta, Eldorado, Eastborough, Bel Aire, Kechi, Park City, Maize, Goddard, Derby & Haysville.

All rug cleaning services are performed at our rug care studio and never in your home or office. Failure to perform specialized procedures in a controlled area may result in permanent damage to the rugs & flooring materials under & around the rugs.

Artistic Rug Care is an nationally known textile cleaning firm. Our team has serviced such places as the Smithsonian, The White House, the oldest textile company in America; F. Schumacher & Co. NYC, and Patterson, Flynn, & Martin Design. We are an Industry Partner for the American Society of Interior Designers. We are a certified WoolSafe Approved Service Provider. 

Call us for a FREE consultation for professional area rug cleaning, fiber protection, premium rug pad & more!

Wool Rug Cleaning

We understand that there could be spills, spots, odor, damage or pet accidents on your rugs. Please feel comfortable when discussing your challenges. Why take chances with an uneducated carpet cleaner? Ease your mind, we are Wichita's only rug cleaning service that is a certified Woolsafe Fabric Care Specialists! A professional area rug cleaning company that turns customers into clients for life. You'll never have to take chances with someone else again!

316-681-8000 ​| Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal

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Since 2004  Artistic Rug Care

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Artistic Rug Care offers in home carpet cleaning for Wool, Viscose, Karastan, Nylon, Triexta & Polyester carpets. We also offer our WoolSafe Fiber ProTector & other carpet protectors.

316-681-8000 ​​| call us to discuss your cleaning issues


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Artistic Rug Care solves rug problems

​ rug cleaning in Wichita professional area rug cleaning carpet cleaning

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Artistic Rug Care solves rug problems! urine, odors, embarrassment, spills, spots, color run, smoke, water, flooded, contaminated, dirty, dusty & repairs in Wichita. 13920 US-54 Andover, KS 67002 Artistic Rug Care.


We Solve Pet 

​Odor Issues

We use Science to remove pet odors and flush them out completely

What is hiding in your rug?

It's always amazing to see just how much dust, pet dander or whatever else removes during our dusting process!

Fiber ProTector 

Accidents are going to happen. It's just a fact. How to handle the clean up is your decision. Our WoolSafe Fiber ProTector makes it easy for you to keep enjoying the holidays!

Safe on Wool, Leather, Silk, Viscose, & many other fibers.

Artistic Rug Care rug cleaning in wichita 


13920 US-54 Andover, KS 67002

Home Textile Care

Premium Rug Pad - Custom Cut For Your Rug

Industry Partner

Artistic Rug Care finds cleaning solutions and offers WoolSafe fiber protection for fine textiles. To find a professional interior designer click the ASID image!


Protect your new rugs, furniture and fine textiles 


​Rug Solutions

Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal
Rug Sanitizing for Allergy Relief
Wrapping in TyVek for Storage
Water Damage Rugs Restored
Smoke Damage Rugs Restored
​Color Correction
Fringe Restoration
​Professional Dusting​
Moth Resist Treatment
Appraisals for Insurance
Antique Rug Conditioner
Premium Fiber Protection
Premium Rug Pad Custom Cut

Premium Rug Pad

Non-Slip Pad - - We offer a premium rug pad for our Wichita Rug Lover's. Our non-slip pad will firmly grip any hard surface and hold your rug in place. Made the for use on top of hard floors. Perfect for oriental rugs, dhurries, jutes, tufted rugs, and any scatter rug, room-size rug, throw rug, or mat.

This premium pad protects your rug and gives you pure comfort. It's like thousands of miniature pillows per square foot offered in a cushion effect.

We custom cut the premium rug pad to fit your rug. We prefer to cut ONE pad rather than in pieces. So if you have a large rug such as 12 x 20, or hallway runners like a 3 x 36. You will be getting ONE custom cut pad. Rugs larger than 12 ft in width will have to be in two pieces.  ​​


WoolSafe Organization Certifies Artistic Rug Care 

In 2014, Artistic Rug Care became the only Certified WoolSafe Service Provider offering rug cleaning in Wichita! We are honored to be Approved after the academic testing. We are very discipline and educated cleaners that really do care for the fine textiles. We realize that every rug has a story and our hands will continue that providence of the piece by being WoolSafe! To learn more about the WoolSafe Organization click the image!

Best Fabric Protection for Furniture & Rugs

Artistic Rug Care is Wichita's exclusive distributor of Fiber ProTector of America. The WoolSafeApproved protectant is the most technically advanced and effective fiber protection system available. It is designed to help keep fibers clean and stain free. This treatment will help to maintain a textiles original appearance while extending its service life cycle. It has a long residual effect and is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

***NOW visit POTTERY BARN in Bradley Fair for a protection DEMO in the Design Center!***